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Radio Polyphony (Feb. 28 - April 18 2003)

A multi-channel composition broadcast on the internet and the radio spectrum over a period of six weeks. Peter Lasch, Federico Marulanda, Kelvin Park,and Paulo Vivacqua, in collaboration with THING.FM.

Each sound channel is broadcast over a different radio frequency or internet stream, and is composed so that it can be heard either independently or mixed. The piece is not accessible to any audience as a whole. Instead, it provides a structure that can be adapted to conditions that vary from the private to the public; what the listenerhears depends on which channels can be accessed at any particular time or place.

The four voices, composed by Paulo Vivacqua, are:

- Layer 1: Generative sound process, streamed continuously at Layer #1

- Layer 2: 15-hour loop, streamed continuously at Layer#2, and broadcast on specific occasions via mini-FM transmitter.

- Layer 3: Prepared sound, broadcast intermittently on WKCR 89.9 FM, NY.

- Layer 4: Prepared sound, broadcast intermittently on participating radio stations in New York and other cities.

The project website provides an overview of the piece. (http://fm.thing.net/radiopolyphony).

Peter Lasch's (Mexico City, New York, Durham) work concentrates on games, inhabitual habits, and temporal displacements.

Federico Marulanda has been experimenting with the radio medium since 1997. http://www.wkcr.org/archives/newmusic

Kelvin K. Park was born in Korea, and now is studying in USA. His works exist inbetween design and art, searching for new forms and contents. http://www.kelvinpark.net

Paulo Vivacqua is a Brazilian sound artist whose work ranges from electroacoustics to site-specific interventions and sound installations. The recent works are focused on how sound can influence and build up different perceptions of space. Escape (2003), Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatia, Sound Field (2002) at Omi Sculpture Park, Ghent, NY,USA.